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Cover reveal!

It's always nail-biting time when you get your designer's cover art on a new book! I've been through this seventeen times now, and I always take a deep breath before I open the email.

But, in this case, all is well! All is brilliant, rather. I love this cover, and hope you do, too! This is book two in The Arisen Worlds quartet that launches in March with The Girl Who Fell Into Myth.

The gist of the series: There are hidden worlds--real worlds--that arose from myth. These kingdoms, such as the realms of witches and the elven, exist side-by-side with the modern world. Outsiders are forbidden to enter. Except for one woman, who is commanded to come.

If so inclined, you're welcome to pre-order Book 1 - coming March 1 and Book 2, coming Sept 5.


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