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Don't go it alone!

Writers sometimes feel that writing is a solo job. You, your computer, the story. Full stop. But the writing life is also about the support of other writers. Even Tolkien had a writer's group! Other writers understand what you're trying to do. And that's supportive, right there.

So check out my one-hour chat group on Thursday, November 10th. I'll deliver a short spotlight on an aspect of fiction and then we'll drill down with questions and discussion about fiction strategies, story, and the writing life. All genres and levels of experience are welcome. And if you just want to listen in, that's good, too.

Through Write on the River, I zoom-host this meet-up on second Thursdays of odd numbered months, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Why just one hour? Because we're all so busy and it's refreshing to get a quick jolt of inspiration and an answer to a nagging question or two. All while hanging out with other writers for a bit. I would love to see you there!

WOTR charges $10 a session (for nonmembers) but I volunteer my time. Because I need to be around other writers, too! To register. (Need to miss this one? Next session: January 12.)

Warning: Your cat may find this event boring.

Photo by Lynn Walker.


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