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Excellent things that happened to me in 2013

Before we utterly leave behind the old year, I’m looking back in gratitude. I often remember the tough parts of the year: the set backs, the worries. Not today! I’m lookin’ at the good stuff, and making a proper list.

JAN: Started on a new novel idea. As I pulled the strands together, fell in love with it. A gift!

FEB: Shopped for a dress to wear for son’s wedding. (OK, it’s not about the dress. . .)

MAR: My publisher put the exact right cover on my upcoming book. (Thanks for all the help here on this blog!) Also published a short story, “The Spires of Greme,” in Solaris Rising 2.

APR: Went canoeing on the Columbia River (near my house) for the first time. Serene and beautiful!

MAY: An exciting Write on the River conference. We broke even! JA JAnce a hit. Thanks to the amazing Robert Dugoni for joining us.

Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni

JULY: Ten people for a family weekend of good food, highly competitive badminton and schmoozing into the night on the patio. My cat hated it and was very bad in my den. (OK, that part was not excellent.)

AUG: Publication of A Thousand Perfect Things to great reception!

AUG: Son’s wedding in La Jolla. A tender and lovely day, with ceremony in a beautiful old Epsicopal Chapel. Wow.


With Greg and Perter Orullian.

SEPT-OCT: Intense and fun launch activities for new book. I’m back in the game with WorldCon in San Antonio, event in Seattle with Greg Bear, with Terry Brooks in Portland. Thanks to John O’Neil of Black Gate Magazine, Susan Wingate, Larry Brooks, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Tim Ward & John Dodds and so many more. (Check out my post at Black Gate, my interview at Adventures in SciFi Publishing.)

desert flower, sky

DEC: TDO and I spend a month in the desert, relaxing, hiking, golf and nights watching the star display in the cold, clear dark. That will set you straight!

Thank you, 2013, for everything.


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