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Giddy For One Day

Today my new book went live! This is always a big event in an author’s life, no matter how many books we might have out there. But this one feels very special to me.

I guess all books are a labor of love. I’ve even heard authors call them their children. (I guess that explains why bad reviews are so hard to take!) But I’m particularly grateful for this one. It came at a time when I was concerned about big publishers and how some of my books had been handled by them. I felt discouraged to be in such a tough business. I considered taking a few years off and fill them with European travel.

Then I decided to write this fantasy series. I wanted a twisty, deep plot, but I also wanted to dive into the emotional lives of my characters and explore a milieu that would feel familiar and yet be radically different at the edges. I’m really pleased by what came to me. Originally, I thought it would be a trilogy, but I soon realized the story needed four books. Since I usually write my novels in four sections, having a quartet of books is allowing me to more clearly understand the overall series arc.

Book two is wrapped up and waiting for a September release, and I’m on page 105 of book three. I am so in love with the whole thing! Sorry to be patting myself on the back in public. Maybe I can be giddy for one day?

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in The Girl Who Fell Into Myth:

· where witches went when they were driven from Earth by fear and prejudice

· how the alter-worlds of the Mythos are connected with each other

· what happens when a 21st century young woman finds herself in a medieval culture

· an old woman who is best friends with a dragon

· how a lightning strike changes Everything

· what the worst myth in the world is and the havoc it’s going to create

· a castle on a towering hill where foreigners are unwelcome, but where a foreigner is just what they need

I hope you’ll give the book a try. If inspired to rate or review it, please consider doing so on Goodreads, or at your favorite online book store. Thank you for your attention. And may your life be full of wonderful reads!


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