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Goodreads Giveaway of Serpent

If you read At the Table of Wolves and liked it, here’s a chance to win a print copy of Book 2 in the series: Serpent in the Heather.

The Goodreads Giveaway.

Ends March 27

A teaser on Book 2:

Summer of 1936. Assassinations are underway in Europe, targeting people with meta-abilities.

It is an undercover German operation to deprive future targets like Poland and France of important Talents.

Now the killings have begun in England and they are young people, their bodies left in public places, ritually murdered. But how can the killer know which youngsters have Talents?

Kim Tavistock is sent to penetrate a religious cult tied to the Earth Mysteries movement, a cult that believes there are places of power linked to neolithic henges and stone circles. In the forbidding Sulcliffe Castle in Wales, the elderly matriarch of this movement is Baroness Ellesmere, an ardent Nazi, who, though dying, wants to confer spiritual power on her handsome but Talent-less son.

Kim is always on the side of the innocent, and she closes in on the killer, learning that he has a previously unknown Talent that makes him a frightening threat to England. Cut off from support and with the Secret Intelligence Service too late to the rescue, Kim must face off alone with the malevolence of  the assassin and the denizens of Sulcliffe Castle. — Available April 10

KIRKUS REVIEWS on Serpent in the Heather:

Paranormal fantasy and historical fiction fans alike should find Kenyon’s saga featuring assassins, spies, and secret agents to be supremely entertaining. A unique concept that is superbly executed.


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