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Highlights from OryCon

Jay Lake and daughter Bronwyn

A great time in Portland OR at OryCon. Some highlights:

  1. Got to hear Nancy Kress hold forth on endings. She drew a double arch on the board. Made perfect sense! She’ll join us for Write on the River in May.

  2. Spent time with my good friend Louise Marley. How many cons have we been to together? Many, many.

  3. Got to see Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Sheila Finch, Jason Hough, Jay Lake, Bruce Taylor, Patricia Briggs, Shaun Ferrill, Patrick Swenson, Craig English, Mary Rosenblum, Brent and Kristi and Olivia (!) Weeks, Jim Fiscus and more.

  4. Met new friends Claude Lalumiere and Camille Alexa.

  5. Learned a bunch of good reasons for Not changing your writing name. Though it can still work, especially for “the New York model.”

  6. Saw the Endeavor Award go to Laurie Frankel for “Goodbye for Now,” a terrific spec fic literaty novel.

  7. Heard a great presentation by Tor editor Liz Gorinsky.

  8. Signed with a dozen other writers at the NW Author Fest confab at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing.  Thanks to Peter Honigstock!  #SFWAauthors

Claude Lalumiere and Camille Alexa


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