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Hugo harumph

Why do the Hugo awards loom so large when fewer than 500 readers usually vote? Well, we’re a small community. What we lack in numbers we make up for in bull dog ferocity and banty-rooster defensiveness. So the Hugos are a big deal to the few thousand of us that pay attention. To the mundane mainstream–well, they’ve never heard of ’em.

I am trying to cover my disappointment with the awards this year. We’ve all got opinions on who won and who should have won. Looking into the numbers on the runners-up, I can say it sure looks like name recognition can tip the scales. No surprise, but it’s another reason I hate to see the Hugos overblown.

I must say that I very much admired what Novik did in the debut of the Tremeraire series. Good Campbell win. I think that fellow Pyr author Ian McDonald’s win on novelette is likely the prologue to a deserving sweep of our industry awards next year for Brasyl or River of Gods. So pleased for Frank Wu on best fan artist!

In coming years I expect to see Lou Anders taking home some awards, and the amazing John Picacio. Love to see us pay some attention to the up-and-coming players in our industry.

And of Stephan Martiniere, I can only say, look:


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