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I’m teaching a novel seminar

Creating the Novel

Write on the River presents a 7-week writing seminar from Kay Kenyon.

For beginners and mid-career writers wishing to pursue a publishing career. The class is limited to six students and will be held in Wenatchee, WA. Sessions consist of an hour of instruction and an hour’s critique of a student manuscript by the instructor and the other students.

The sessions will be designed to deepen students’ abilities to evaluate their writing with an eye to marketplace considerations as well as compelling fictional elements.

Some of these are useful tools.


DATES: Sessions will be held every other Wednesday, February 13 through May 8.

TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 PM

COST: $300


  1. Must apply to attend by December 15. Details here.

  2. Membership in Write on the River.

  3. 18 years of age or older.

  4. Sense of humor; openness to all genres of writing.

  5. Have at least 30 pages of a novel written and ready for critique by February 13.


Feb 13 –  The foundation of story.

Feb 27 –   The engine of the novel: Character.

March 13 –  The shape of the novel: Acts, meaning, and movement.

March 27 –  Plot development.

April 10 –  Plot execution.

April 24 –  Narrative techniques.

May 8 –  Revision and staying on target.

Apply by December 15th – For more details please click HERE.


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