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Kay in Anthology of Optimistic SF

Delighted to report that a new anthology I’m in is getting fantastic reviews. It’s Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction, with stories by Alastair Reynolds, Eric Gregory and Mari Ness, among others.

Are you tired of relentlessly dreary futures, nihilistic predictions and downbeat plots? If so, then Shine is your antidote. Editor Jetse de Vries’ introduction is worth quoting:

“There’s a thing like weed: it grows everywhere, despite the common wisdom that it can’t grow there. In the most barren, destitute and desperate places, it springs up. It flowers, against the grain. It raises its head at the most unexpected times, even when – often especially when – most people think it’s dead and gone. It’s hope. Hope fed by optimism.”

The BN SciFi and Fantasy Blogs says that Shine is “a significant – dare I say, historic – anthology. And with a rich diversity of settings and thematic speculation, this is a collection most science fiction fans will undoubtedly embrace.”

Happy to report that my small contribution, a story called “Castoff World” is getting some nice call outs:

“Castoff World by Kay Kenyon has an amazing dreamlike feel to it. Beautiful.” —SF Revu

“It’s a very touching story, I particularly liked the subtle presence of artificial intelligence. Beautifully written. This one is probably my favourite in the entire collection.” —Val’s Random Comments


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