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Kay’s Real Worldcon Schedule

Worldcon. Here is my revised, improved, real and final schedule.

Added in is a  cool panel on the New Space Opera, and Walk with the Stars, a morning walk with a bunch of writers who will be generally herded along by a leader and you can join in and we can all admire the sights out near the Reno airport.


8:55 am- 9:50 – Stroll with the Stars – Cory Doctorow, Boris Vallejo and others (Walgreen’s parking lot)

1:00 – Far Future SF, Then and Now (A05)

6:00 – Green Tree, Blue Tree. Is it real worldbuilding or simply changing the names? (A10)


11:00 – Autographing (Hall 2)

12:30 – Reading (From my novel-in-progress. I’ll give away 2 copies of Bright of the Sky OR A World Too Near.) Room A-14.

5:00 – The New Space Opera with Alistair Reynolds and Johnathan Strahan (C01)

8:00 – Launch Party for new releases from Louise Marley and Brenda Cooper (Room 1552, the Atlantis)


 8:55 am- 9:50 – Stroll with the Stars – Lou Anders, Paul Cornell, John Piccacio (Walgreen’s parking lot)

And, fellow introverts, I will also be in the Atlantis bar from time to time. This is your chance to practice how to walk into a bar at a con. See my post for detailed instructions on how to navigate a crowded bar where everyone is already talking to other people and you would rather stick toothpicks in your cheeks than be there!


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