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Laptop Saves Writer’s Life

I am seriously dependent on my MacBook. My cool little laptop is my complete connection to the world now that I am laid up with  with some simple surgery that nevertheless requires that I not move for weeks.

This is a picture of my cat Sumo lying on my hospital pillows on the living room couch. The recovery room very helpfully stuffed them into the car so I would be comfortable as Tom drove me home from Seattle across the mountains. They were, we found out later, about $100 apiece. I think we got five of  ’em.

Anyway, for the next few weeks, I am viewing the world from my couch. Kids go to school down at Orchard Middle, zooming by on skateboards. Now and then a cloud crests the Cascade Mountains and floats over the house, bringing a six minute shadow on the October day. The garbage truck came by this morning, followed in thrilling succession by the recycle truck. My neighbor is blowing leaves with one of those noxious weed blowers. They also got a package from FedEx. Back to the internet. That done, back to the novel.

Yup, I am hooked on my laptop. What oh what would we do without these fabulous machines? We’ve all heard how shut-ins and differently abled people rely on their computers for company and connections.

I can really relate.


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