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Mind Meld

Yours truly made a guest appearance, or guest mind meld, on SFSignal today. Other contributors were Kathleen Ann Goonen, Nancy Kress, Alyxis Glynn Latner and Michael S. Brotherton.

Topic: “There is a lot of scientific research being performed across a wide array of disciplines. So much that it can be difficult to keep up with it all. What current avenue of scientific inquiry do you believe people should be paying attention to, and why?”

I liked Jennifer Ouellette’s point: (author of The Physics of the Buffyverse) :

“My mantra is always, “Look to the fringes!” That is, those boundary areas between disciplines, where scientists from different fields are collaborating with each other and doing more interdisciplinary investigations. That’s where many exciting breakthroughs are likely to occur in the near future, I think. And with good reason: Science has become so highly specialized/compartmentalized that researchers often aren’t aware of breakthroughs in other fields that might have relevance to their own work. So any kind of cross-pollination is likely to lead to new insights or technologies, and, potentially, revolutionary breakthroughs.”


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