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OmegaCon ’08

Just got back from OmegaCon in Birmingham, AL. A bunch of attendees told me they were thrilled  to have a con of this size in their backyard. The con staff went out of their way to help authors when things went awry, as was maybe inevitable for the first try. So again, thanks to all the volunteers for hard work.

This and that: Books-A-Million brought, um, a million or so books into the dealers room. I hung out with Louise’s old band (see below–man can that lady sing) and met David Drake, David Webber, Steven Brust–all fun. Mike Resnick collected on the backrub I owed him. Also saw my editor–Pyr’s Lou Anders–in his home stomping grounds. A good time. He was very fun on a panel on horror stories from the publishing world.

Note: It is almost impossible to get to and from Birmingham from where I live. It took well over 12 hours to get from the con to Seattle, and then I still had a snowy mountain pass to go over. Home now, cat on lap while blogging. All is well.

Launched A World Too Near at OmegaCon.

Louise Marley performing with Earthwood.

Mike Resnick at the Pyr dinner.



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