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Perfect Things Giveaway

A fantasy. A free book. A nice gift.

◊ A Victorian woman in an India of Magic ◊ 

Don’t forget, just in time for a holiday book gift, you have a chance to win a signed paper copy of A Thousand Perfect Things.

This Goodreads offer ends on Thursday, December 5.

About the book. . .

A Thousand Perfect Things is a historical fantasy about a Victorian woman pursuing magical powers in an altered India.

Not all fantasies are medieval in setting. Some are alternate histories, playing with what might have been if a certain period had possessed magic. Much about my alternative England and India is historically accurate, such as Victorian repression, British colonialism and the Raj in India. Some is pure magic, such as monstrous cobras, kraken of the deep, ancient ghosts and exotic magics hidden in jungles and palaces. There is also a love triangle among my heroine, Tori Harding, Captain Edmond Muir-Smith and Prince Jai.

“. . . full of action, mystery and devious plots as well as fashion and high society. It brings up questions about spirituality and freedom and will have you laughing one moment and deep in thought the next.” –the Daily Quirk

“Through jungles, palaces, ruins and more your desire for adventure, love stories, and new places will be fulfilled.” – Maggie McKeating’s Reviews

Now available in paper and at $5.99 eBook.


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