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Personalized copies!

I have a section in my bookcase for signed, personalized copies of books. I've got Harlan Ellison, Mike Resnick, Louise Marley, Sharon Shinn, George R.R. Martin and other favs. But it's not always easy to get autographed copies, and so I've partnered with a local bookstore to supply signed copies of my new fantasy novel, The Girl Who Fell Into Myth. (Available at all online retailers as well as many independent bookstores on March 1.)

If you'd like one—in paperback or hardcover—just email them and they'll arrange it. Also, if you'd like it personalized to you, we've also got that arranged; just give the book store all the relevant details. I wish I could say I'll be at a con in the near future where people could get a signed copy, but I don't have any in-person plans for this year, at least outside of north central Washington State.

So the best bet is A Book For All Seasons, in Leavenworth, Washington, USA. They are a beloved local bookstore, generous supporters of local authors and champions of good books! To contact them, you can email them at this address:

Happy collecting!


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