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Prince of Storms review: “One of the most captivating multi-cultural settings in SF history.&#

Wow, a stellar review of Prince of Storms from SF Site. I know that I don’t get to believe all this (since I don’t believe my bad reviews!) but here goes:

From the SF Site review:

. . . . Titus’ desire, and need to save, protect, reconcile with, and love the women in his life, and the tragedy of his too often failures to do so, pervades the decisions Titus makes throughout the series. Those relationships also guarantee that no matter how grand the scheme of Kay Kenyon’s creation becomes, the story remains grounded in human concerns. The fate of two universes may be at stake, but the true tragedy lies in the fate of the people, human and otherwise, who live there.

When Bright of the Sky, the first novel in The Entire and the Rose appeared, comparisons

–Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

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