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Proofs Needed! Anyone able to help?

My new fantasy series-in-progress, The Arisen Worlds, needs a proofreader for the last book, book four, Keeper of the Mythos Gate. If you fancy yourself a sharp-eyed reader with a penchant for finding errors, this job may be up your alley.

I have several proofreaders right now (you know who you are--and thank you!) but not everyone can stay with the project through all four books, and now I need one more. The catch is that the new guy will need to be up to speed on the story so far. (Makes proofing a bit easier.) Thus I'm looking for someone who will have already read books 1 and 2, The Girl Who Fell Into Myth and Stranger in the Twisted Realm.

For the new proofreader, I would provide a free copy of Book 3 around December, and then Book 4 in draft form (probably in June of next year.) Book 3 proofing is already done, so I won't be asking for help on that. I'd be providing it as a thank you for pitching in on the project.

If interested, contact me on my website contact page and tell me a little about yourself:

(Shown on left, Book 3. Book 4 cover is in design phase.)


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