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PW Stars A World Too Near

First review is in on A World Too Near, and it’s a STARRED review from Publishers Weekly! I’m thrilled to have such a nice launch for Book Two of the series. The first book, Bright of the Sky, received a starred review, too, so somebody up there likes this story!

*A World Too Near Kay Kenyon Pyr, $25 (456p) ISBN 978-1-59102-642-6 The fate of two universes hangs in the balance in this intricately plotted sequel to Bright of the Sky (2007). (Here imagine 300 words of tightly woven praise . . . but I save you the details . . .) Review goes on: Tangled motivations, complex characters and intriguing world-building will keep readers on the edges of their seats. (Mar.)

By the way, the paperback of Bright of the Sky will be out next month, so things are cookin’ with The Entire and the Rose series. Also, I’m reworking my website to emphasize the series, but of course the back list is still alive and kicking. Or at least twitching.


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