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RadCon At Its Toxic Best

Those of you who thought you knew RadCon in Washington’s Tri Cities, think again. This weekend just past it had a few people short of 2,000. Harry Turtledove was the writer GoH, and the whole deal was smoothly run by Bob Brown and crew. A good time, and no fire alarms went off in the middle of the night.

Why, you might ask, is RadCon toxic? Because they want to be. They are celebrating the Hanford nuclear reservation and Richland (one of the tri in Tri Cities) –the city with the most PhD’s per capita in the nation, and the sheer grit of local fans who are not afraid to hoist a tot of toxic waste in celebration of science fiction. Bring it on. And hey, city folk, suck itup and get in the spirit! You, too, have a chance to win the John Dalmas award, but no sissies, you hear?

The big news in Eastern Washington (aside from the fact that former Tri Cities native Patty Briggs is regularly hitting the NY Times best seller list,) is that a new con is coming to our neck of the woods. SpoCon. That’s right, those that have mourned the passing of InCon, take heart! Now there’ll be two E. WA sf/f cons.

Patty Briggs and me

Janna Silverstein

Bob Brown and the Secret Squirrel Con-Com

Kay and Alma Alexander at the book signing


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