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RadCon schedule

The best little SF con in the world or at least in Eastern WA, the home of the celebrated brew, toxic waste, Radcon is coming Feb 12 to 14 in Pasco, Washington.

I’ll be there, along with a plethora of other SF/F writers, fans, and general celebrants, such as Kris Rusch, Ellen Datlow, Steven York, C.J. Cherryh and Louise Marley.

Here are some things I’ll be involved with:

Fri. 3:00 – Tackling the Taboos Fri. 4:00 – Reading from Prince of Storms Sat. 11:00 – Mass signing Sat. 2:00 – Plotting Sat. 3:00 – Evil (true, self-sustaining evil!) Sat. 4:00 – Character Flaws Sun. 11:00 – Does Science Follow Science Fiction?


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