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Rats on Evil Stars

Kay and Brenda Cooper at U. Book Store in Seattle.

Brenda Cooper and I recently shared a headline event at U Book Store in Seattle. It was very interesting to hear her read from her new book, The Silver Ship and the Sea. She knows how to put emotional punch into a scene, and reads beautifully, besides. I didn’t think it was quite fair that she too had Stephan Martiniere cover. Hey, he’s My guy! In fact the cover is quite different from Bright of the Sky, but has that Martiniere depth and mystery that knock me out. Duane Wilkins put on a nice event for us. He’s a local icon of the sf book scene in the Pacific Northwest, and a terrific supporter. It was a good turnout. One person came up to me and handed me a list of palidromes (read the same frontward as backward.) The best one was “Rats live on no evil star.”


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