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Readercon Riff #1

And another few things about Readercon:

  1. Dr. Carl Frederick’s physics lecture. Off the cuff, funny, and almost truly understandable, it was a romp through the last hundred years of physics, ending up with a theory something about how universes fill the landscapes available to them. Must learn more. What a wonderful teacher.

  2. Favorite physics tidbit: how it is conjectured in the holographic principal that the information in the 3-d universe is available in the two-dimensional space of the boundary. That is, the number of “boxels” in the universe is equal to the number of pixels in the boundary of the universe. How strange is That? (Don’t get it? Me either, but it is still wonderful.)

  3. Getting into my room on Thursday and finding a big gift basket full of chocolate, wine, and lovely snacks. This, from one of the con organizers who loved my work and Louise Marley’s, and wanted to reward us for our long trip. Louise drank most of the wine since she was up early and got bored.

  4. Thrilled to find that on the plane ride I was able to write the first draft of a short story due to Solaris soon for their Solaris Book of New SF. Tangled Up in Blue, is the working title, with a nod to Dylan. I’ve had this story idea for a couple years now but it wouldn’t jell until I discovered that I had the wrong age for the POV character. Then it was all clear. I think I really like it but must give it to Thomas to read, my main guy, you know.


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