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Report From Condor

Here I am in my secret get-away in the So Cal desert, where I’ve been hiking around with Thomas taking in the spectacular wild flower blooms after the recent desert rains.

But that’s not my report from Condor. This is: Condor in San Diego came off with what I expect is their usual flair, with a good attendance (um, I would guess 350?) and great fun from the theme: Death and Beyond. We got to talk about dying, and pretending to die, and dying metaphorically, and rebirth (with all those connotations) and how life can continue without the body. Timothy Zahn made a smart and engaging GoH, and David Brin held forth on the glories of humanism as opposed to life-after-death-ism. I have pictures, but forgot my memory card reader, so you’ll just have to wait. Caught up with Sheila Finch, Eldon Thompson, and the good folks at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore.

Spent some time talking books and industry stuff with the exceptionally talented Shaun Ferrell of the podcast Adventures In Scifi Publishing, and also with Gary Babb, who’s up to his ears in OmegaCon, helping that brand new con get off the ground. Or should I say blasting? It has 10,000 people registered so far. March 14-16, folks. More later.


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