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Road Trip

It’s been some time since Tom and I up and got out of Dodge for a true road trip. I’d forgotten how much fun they are. You know, stuff a few things in a travel case, throw it in the car–after putting the novel manuscript in the freezer (I never trust electrons alone)–and remember to bring sunglasses and a road map. Try not to think about price of gas. No advance reservations.

We headed south from Wenatchee, crossed the Columbia River into Oregon, and south to Bend, Crater Lake, Ashland, and Eureka California. Destinations: Redwoods! We stopped when we felt like it, and drove like hell when it seemed like a good idea. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Sequoia Sempervirons, but whenever it was, I had totally forgotten how wonderful those monster trees are. They seem to erupt from the ground, looming 400 feet or so, which is a long stretch. The biggest are fifty feet in circumference, and the impression amid a forest of them . . . quite inspiring, and a lot humbling.

Without boring you with arty pictures, I’ll just share this stupid one. Yes, that’s me hugging a tree.


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