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SF in Minnesota

I’m in St. Paul, ready to head home this morning. Diversicon turned out to be the best little sf con in the universe. Scott Lohman, Eric Heideman, Greg L. Johnson and others put together a book-centered con that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Had a blast. They treated me royally, including an umbrella during a thunderstorm and a grand tour of Minneapolis. I signed at the famous Uncle Hugo’s, met some wonderful people, and had really stimulating discussion on topics like lost worlds, what is a hero, gender roles in sf, moral development in fiction. Came away with a list of books to read and these pictures:

Kay and reviewer Janice Bogstad.

With panelists Eleanor Arnason, Martha Hood, Ruth Berman, Sandra Lindow and Greg L. Johnson.

Greg L. Johnson, reviewer for SFSite and others, interviewing yours truly.


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