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The Adventure Begins . . .

If this is April, it must mean my new book is out! And sure enough, I checked on, and they claim they’ve got it. But wait! Not that I have author jitters or anything, but I found a typo, I need to take it back. Nope, it is so totally out of my hands. Man, complete strangers are reading it, and putting up reviews and making comments. Oddly enough, there is a little bit of shock about all that, even after six previous books.

But, of course, I am thrilled to have Bright of the Sky in bookstores at long last. The cover is gorgeous, for starters. I guess I’ve said enough about Stephan Martiniere’s brilliant artwork. I love it, and then Pyr’s book design is classy and creates a handsome package.

The story is pretty good, too! Let me know what you think.

Here I am in my office, celebrating today with my cat who is pretty charged up about all this, as you can see.


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