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The Cozy Con with Big Inspiration

Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni

What do Robert Dugoni, Agent Rachel Letofsky, and memoirist Bonnie J. Rough all have in common? A: They’ll all be in Wenatchee WA for Write on the River in 5 weeks!

Join us on the sunny side of Washington State for a day-and-a-half conference on the beautiful campus of Wenatchee Valley College. The Write on the River Conference annually attracts approximately 120  writers to learn from the experts, including New York Times best-selling authors like Robert Dugoni and Rebecca Zanetti. Sessions include:

Django Wexler

Django Wexler

  1. Science fiction and fantasy

  2. How to get rep’d by an agent

  3. Writing for the internet

  4. Memoir

  5. Intensive Saturday fiction class

  6. Romance writing

  7. Power editing your manuscript

  8. Powering up your imagination

  9. Indie marketing

  10. The writing life

  11. First page feedback from an agent

  12. Poetry

  13. Kid Lit

  14. Voice in creative nonfiction

  15. Career planning and even more . . .

Bonnie Rough

Bonnie Rough

All this for $95! In addition, on Sunday, a 3 hour master fiction class from Robert Dugoni. Sunday class, $45.

We’re g0ing to have a blast. Come join us!

May 13 – 15. For more details.

Matthew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan

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