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Three Things to See Before You Die

I am really stupid with jet lag. But not too stupid to look at my pictures. Here are some favs, including three places you must see during your lifetime because you will seriously regret it if you don’t (says I, who have made up most of the places I’ve gone, if that makes any sense!)

#1 The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

#2 The walled city of Avila

#3 The City of Madrid

#4 Alcazar Castle, Segovia (yeah, I did say three, but…)

#5 The cities of northern Portugal: Valenca, Braganca, Viana do Costello

And then there is Kay in front of various doors in the fabulous city of Santiago de Compostello.

Doors of the Cathedral of St. James

Door to the University of Salamanca


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