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Top 10 Writing the World posts of 2012

Happy New Year, friends!

I had fun digging in this year to discover what I believe about writing and what I believe can be taught and shared.

Thank you for a great year — one that included having Writing the World tapped as a Writing Blog of the Week by

The Best of My Blog This Year

This Year No Excuses

Turn, Turn, Turn (Publishing Industry Turmoil)

Dealing With Discouragement

Writing Past Cliche

The Story That Won’t

Protecting Your Story

So What (Why should the reader care?)

Is It Too Late? (to be an author)

Scenes That Kill Story

The Guessing Game

Thank you for stopping in at my blog this year, for cheering me on, for steering me right when I’ve been wrong, and for helping me remember, by your presence, how we’re all in this together. I hope the coming year will give you great joy in writing and that incredible new stories will see the light of day all over the world.


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