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Tropic of Creation at $.99

Special offer for one week only – Starts today

“Kenyon’s vision of a unique universe ranks with those of such science fiction greats as Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card.” —  Publishers Weekly, starred review.

It’s the aftermath of a galactic war with the alien Ahtra. Army Captain Eli Dammand, with his ship and crew, is stranded on remote planet–one that is about to undergo a radical seasonal change. It will give birth to  monstrous, rapacious creatures. There are few refuges from the rampaging alternate season. One is in the secret Ahtran habitat. It’s a dread place for a human, as Eli will learn.

The other is in the nests of the monsters themselves. Eli’s 14 year-old passenger Sascha is mistaken for an alien infant. And she’s going to use that misconception to survive.

In ebook. Order here.

This offer ends on Friday, August 21st at midnight.


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