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We Read Books in 2009

According to Matthew Flamm at Crain’s New York Business, even with the recession, US readers bought books during the last 12 months, almost holding steady from 2008 — down 3% to be exact. Not too shabby, considering. Furthermore, interesting to note that nonfiction was down 7%, leaving room for fiction to show an ever so slight gain in sales. And despite news from Amazon about surge in e-book titles sold, overall, that share is still thought to be no more than 3% of sales. So, bottom line, folks: We’re still reading paper books (you know, the ones author’s get a fair reimbursement for) and among all those corners were cutting, we’re still willing to shell out for a good read. — This news courtesy of the ever-watchful Kris Rusch.

So, happy eve of 2009, my friends. And happy reading!


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