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What I Believe

Every December I find myself waxing philosophical about myself, the writing life, storytelling and the perfect lasagna recipe.

No, I’m not going to share my current lasagna recipe (some things are just too personal for blogging) but I am willing to share my articles of faith about writing. None of the following can be proven, but:

I believe that . . .

1. – the world is becoming a better place for writers.

2. – the writing life is the most rigorous program in the world for self-knowledge, inspiration and personal growth. And yes, I Have tried Buddhism.

3. – no matter how good a writer you are, you can always improve. And need to.

4. – the marketplace disciplines us, if we will only listen.

5. – to keep my writing fresh I need to move out of/beyond what I’ve done before.

6. – fine stories are much more important than fine writing.

7. – the most inexplicable part of writing is where stories come from. I  build novels up carefully, but where the glittering story kernel comes from in the first place remains an astonishing mystery. But if asked, I will always say: A PO Box in Spokane.

8  – despite my thwarted desire for a year on the NYT best seller list, I am mightily compensated in this work by my friendships with, and the company of, the people I’ve met in publishing.

9. – this story (whatever the current work in progress) is the best I’ve ever done. When I stop believing that, it won’t be fun any more.

10. – if I’m not giving back to aspiring writers and the writing community, my lasagna will turn watery and the top strip will be too crunchy.


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