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What I’m Reading

Also: Reader and Raelynx, by Sharon Shinn. I’m addicted to her Novels of the Twelve Houses. A romantic fantasy with an appealing ensemble cast, intelligently mixed and challenged. When you’re tired of fight scenes and the grime of the world, start with Mystic and Ryder.

Also: Best American Science Writing  2007, Gina Kolata, ed. Here’s your next short story idea, folks. Did you know there’s a medical condition where people can’t recognize faces? That the world of Mathematics prizes is far more cutthroat than the Hugos? Hey, I don’t have time to read Scientific American.

Another medieval fantasy among many. Except: Carthage is the center of civilization, exists under a shrouded sky  called the Penitence, and the extraordinarily rendered protagonist is a hermaphrodite with, as might be imagined, serious family issues. I’m not quite finished yet, but I’m glad I finally got around to reading Mary Gentle.

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