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What’s a Podcast You Ask?

If you haven’t been tracking podcasting, here’s your big chance. My short story, “The Acid Test” gets feature status this week on the terrific podcast site, Escape Pod. Take 8 minutes and have a listen at: Escape Pod

A podcast is a downloadable file, that if audio only, is like a radio program. You can listen to it on your computer or MP3 player. Most of them are free, but you can subscribe to the podcast feed in which case you’ll get the shows that appeal to you to come automatically to your inbox. My short story is featured this week, but if you miss it, you can catch it in the archives. That’s the concept, and it’s catching on fast.

Escape Pod is the best science fiction podcast out there. Congrats to Stephen Eley who’s netted some of the big names in the business: Resnick, Turtledove, and more–and who’s given this site a seamless and elegant presentation. Let’s support this terrific site with a few subscriptions, hey?

My thanks to Patrick and Honna Swenson, editors of Talebones, where this story first appeared. It is a quirky story that had trouble finding a venue–a tongue-in-cheek visit with a paranoid wife whose marriage is ruined by a simple conversation with her husband about alien abduction.

Talebones is our favorite Pacific Northwest magazine, a gem. Go there to get your fix of strange tales with a bit of a dark side. Check it out at: Talebones


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