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Who Am I, Anyway?

I’m always surprised at the similarities reviewers see between my stories and those of other writers. For myself, I have such a blind spot about that. Maybe the author is the last one you should ask.

Here’s the comparison that Library Journal made in last week’s review of Bright of the Sky:

“Reminiscent of the groundbreaking novels of Philip K. Dick, Philip Jose Farmer, and Dan Simmons, her latest volume belongs in most libraries.”

I had a Publishers Weekly review for Tropic of Creation some time ago that compared my work to Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card. Chalk that up to world-building in the case of the former, and believable alien cultures in the case of the latter? Not sure I see it.  Another PW review  said that The Braided World was reminiscent of the novels of Ursula LeGuin. OK, now I’m in heaven!

I’ll take all these comparisons with a grain of salt. If asked my own opinion, I might say C.J. Cherryh or Robert Silverberg. But then, never ask an author, I guess. I’m also surprised when so many people say I look like Joan Baez. Huh?

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