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Win a Free Book

For the launch of my new blogging website, I’ll have a drawing for copies of The Entire and The Rose books. You can request one of the following three books: Bright of the Sky, A World Too Near or City Without End (but not the fourth and final book.)

The three winners will be announced on my blog April 23.


1. Send an email to: with the header FREE BOOK

2. Your email must contain:

— your real name

— a snail mail address to send the book to

— the name of the book you’d like (it cannot be Prince of Storms)

–the name you’d like me to use in mentioning you on my blog if you win, or if you’d prefer to be anonymous

3. Please tell me the name of the person to whom the book should be inscribed, if any

4. No multiple entries

My husband will draw names from a hat. My cat Sumo will supervise and be the final arbiter of rules, protocols and general snarkiness.


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