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Write on the River a Hit

Elizabeth George and the conference chair (me). Photo by Mike Irwin

Very jazzed to report that I helped put on a writers’ conference in Eastern WA yesterday, and it was a big hit.

Elizabeth George did us a huge favor by coming over from the Seattle area to join us as the Write on the River keynote speaker. (She’s on a major book tour for Careless in Red, her latest Thomas Lynley novel.) People Loved her talk; she was truly gracious and also quite frank about her mis-starts and worries early in her career, and we were delighted with her candid remarks, including those about how she puts a novel together. Many thanks to Don McQuinn for help in contacting Elizabeth George.

Other highlights: gorgeous whether, a flock of talented presenters, a nearly full house, people thanking us repeatedly for putting this on. I may be the conference chair, but I took a back seat to our Executive Director Susan Lagsdin in organizing things. I think her reward was a half-full left over bottle of wine from the closing reception. Sainthood awaits, however.

Our side of the state doesn’t have any other literary writers’ conferences that emphasize writing rather than celebrating books. It’s well worth all the work. But I really must write now!


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