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In the Spirit of the Election

Fantasy is alive and well in Canada–hell, it’s alive everywhere and its Growing. I came home from World Fantasy in Calgary with a list of titles and a suitcase full of books. I am unimpressed by the books I’m reading right now, so I have a quandary: give them a few more pages in the hope they’ll revive or plunge into the new ones? In the spirit of the election, I think the latter.

Most of the action at the con was, no surprise, in the bar. As usual, some people huddled at tables and had Important Business discussions, and others jumped into the fray, clumping in circles and chatting it up. A great time. I noticed that Lou Anders’ circle was usually the largest. Why is that? Because he’s read Everything and talks about it with the kind of enthusiasm that I only attain after a quadruple espresso.

Favorite panel? George R.R. Martin, Steven Erickson and Tad Williams on Killing Off Major Characters, which was more profound than you might think. (I warn you, I’m writing the last book in my series, so I gotta know how to do this!) Second fav: The Best Fantasy of the Past 20 Years with the big houses. Remember the list I mentioned? God, I haven’t even read the good OLD stuff!

Sean McMullan and Colleen Cahill

Louise Marley and me

Sharyn November

Kathryn Cramer and Elizabeth



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